Saturday, 8 October 2011

Abuse and Neglect in Care Homes and Care at Home (14/7/11)

There is an interesting and very moving article in the Daily Mail about the work Eileen Chubb has been doing to expose the neglect and abuse in various care homes around the country. The full article can be read at: It is interesting to note that this story has not (as far as I can see) been covered by any other newspapers.

Eileen Chubb runs the charity Compassion in Care.

It is disturbing to hear that allegations of abuse have surfaced at another of Castlebeck's care homes, Rose Villa, which cares for those with learning difficulties in Bristol. So far four staff have been suspended and an inquiry is underway. Winterborne View, also operated by Castlebeck, closed earlier this month as a direct result of the BBC Panorama's exposure of the terrible abuses perpetrated there.

Much has been written this week about the adequacy (or rather the inadequacy) of care at home. Findings in a recent report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission are indeed shocking:

"Researchers...found that visits by carers are often so short and infrequent that there is not enough time to carry out even the most basic tasks. That means overstretched home helps often have to make a choice between which essential needs to address, frequently foregoing mealtimes, for example, for washing and dressing." (R. Alleyne,

Just yesterday the mail reported that an 85yo bedridden widow was left lying in her home without food or water for three days because of a care visit blunder.

Of course, this exceeding limited level of care is putting basic human rights, such as the right to life and the right to live free of inhuman and degrading treatment, in danger. What is particularly concerning is the fact that "one in five older people who responded to the call for evidence said that they would not complain because they didn't know how to, or for fear of repercussions." (Alleyne).

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