Saturday, 8 October 2011

Haiti Lacks Gender Policy (30/8/11)

A Human Rights Watch report, "Nobody Remembers Us: Failure to Protect Women's and Girls' Right to Health and Security in Post-Earthquake Haiti," documents the lack of access to reproductive and maternal care in the aftermath of the catastrophe.

According to Klasing, the government should adopt a strong gender policy across ministries and programmes to ensure women's rights are considered in all matters.

"It also should take steps to make sure women and girls at public facilities understand what programmes and services are available for free and necessary to continue treatment," she said.

"With almost 260 million dollars earmarked for health care, no woman should have to give birth on the street," Roth said. "Women and girls have a right to life-saving care, including in adverse circumstances."

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A new Human Rights Watch Report has been released this week. It focuses on the inadequate healthcare care for women and girls in particular, in Haiti.

More than a year after Haiti's devastating earthquake, women and girls are still facing gaps in access to healthcare needed to stop preventable maternal and infant deaths, the report says.

It calls for the government to do more when it comes to protecting women and girls from violence, and ensure that they receive all the information they need. "Attention to human rights should be an essential part of Haiti's recovery plan," Roth said.

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