Saturday, 8 October 2011

Health Tourism (20/7/11)

An article in the Daily Mail highlights an interesting phenomenon they call 'health tourism'. Earlier this month they ran a story on a Nigerian mother who flew to Britain when she learned she was pregnant and had quintuplets which cost taxpayers an estimated £200,000. More recently they have run a similar story in which they ask:
When the NHS is hard pushed to pay for chemotherapy for cancer patients and is struggling to provide decent maternity services, why on earth should it have to ...deliver the babies of mothers with no connection with this country?

I would be interested to know the opinion of the DM on the UN Millenium Development Goal 5, to improve maternal health. Every year more than half a million women die due to complications in pregnancy and childbirth - 99% of which are in developing countries. In light of this, I wonder whether they would still object to the delivery of this Nigerian woman's quintuplets in the UK?

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