Monday, 17 October 2011

Human Rights Council: Water Supply Protection

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The United Nations Human Rights Council (UN) has passed three resolutions that cover water, climate change and toxic waste issues at its 18th session in Geneva and is calling on its member states to take action.
Human Rights Council pledges to improve water supply protection
 According to environmental nongovernmental organisations Green Cross International and WaterLex, the council has taken "great strides" to ensure the national water governance better considers human rights, while also taking into account national concerns over the effects environmental degradation is having on human rights

Each of the resolutions share common concerns raised by its 47 member states and point to water-related issues, such as the impact environmental dilapidation is having on human rights, including access to safe-drinking water, which was passed as a basic human right by the council in 2010. 
The overarching aim of the resolutions is to provide a reminder that international human rights law is central to the international legal system and that all international treaties must be interpreted using it....

...The final resolution calls for the adoption of a "more holistic approach to waste treatment", which covers the life cycle of dangerous substances and waste from production and elimination.

In addition, it said that best practices on the human rights obligations related to environmentally sound management and disposal of waste pollutants, such as sludge, sewage, rubbish and toxic waste is needed as these have been found to damage water supplies.

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