Saturday, 8 October 2011

Stepping Hill Hospital (16/7/11)

It is extremely disturbing to hear the news that three people have died possibly as a result of saline medication being tampered with in Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport. Understandably, the news reports are still a little vague as investigations remain underway. According to the Telegraph:
"Detectives believe the insulin was deliberately injected into the saline containers which were used by at least two wards but they say the deaths remain unexplained as they await post-mortem results." Read the full story at:
Channel 4 news reports that a hotline has now been set up for concerned patients and relatives. I wonder, where else people can find support?

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  1. 9/9/11
    Rebecca Leighton's solicitor says nurse was made a 'scapegoat' over Stepping Hill saline deaths A nurse who spent more than six weeks in custody was made a "scapegoat" when police "jumped the gun" as she was charged with contaminating saline, her lawyer said today. Proceedings against Rebecca Leighton, 27, were discontinued on Friday as the probe into the tampering of medical products at Stepping Hill hospital in Stockport, Greater Manchester, continues with detectives investigating the deaths of seven patients. She said her life was "turned upside down" and became a "living hell" when she was arrested at her flat in Heaviley, Stockport on July 20, on suspicion of murder, and then formally accused of causing criminal damage with intent to endanger life two days later.