Sunday, 23 September 2012

British Institute of Human Rights #Act Campaign

ONLY A WEEK TO GO before the Commission on a UK Bill of Rights closes its public consultation!

The British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) launched #Act at the beginning of September, a new campaign to engage people in debates about the protection of our human rights.

According to Stephen Bowen, Director of BIHR:

The Human Rights Act is a bit like our health, we don't value it until it’s gone. So let's not wait until it’s too late to speak up, let's raise our voices together. 

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  1. Comment from Adam Wagner on Bill of Human RIghts:

    Bill of Rights Commission: loading the dice?

  2. Comment from Alice Donald on the proposed Bill of Human Rights:

  3. Comment from Geraldine Van Bueren (Guardian)

    Don't scapegoat Europe's court of human rights

    Critics of the European court are on the wrong side of history – the UK needs an international standard on human rights.