Human Rights in the Workplace

I'm especially keen on efforts to raise awareness and promote positive attitudes towards human rights in the workplace. I feel this is an area in which more work needs to be done. Therefore, in the near future it is my intention to develop resources (including the creation of a website) to explore this more fully and provide a first point of call for anyone interested in the increasingly important and complicated relationships between human rights in business. Eventually I would like to get involved in the delivery of human rights training to employers and employees in the corporate environment.

Here are some links to useful resources to start with...

Guide to Human Rights in the workplace:

Useful information for managers re Article 9 can be found at:

Human Rights and Business Dilemmas Forum


  1. Journal of Workplace Rights

  2. Criminal Enterprise: Individuals, Organisations and Criminal Responsibility. C. Harding

    On the division of responsibility between individuals and organisations:
    How far should we hold individuals responsible and punish them for actions carried out in their roles with organisations? What basis is there in ethics and law for sanctioning the organisation instead of, or as well as, the individuals?